Who Are Your Spirit Parents?

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It was the kind of day that made you damp under your arms when the salty Meditaerranean breeze dipped for too long between gusts. That’s if you weren’t sweating already because of the labor pains you endured throughout the night.

Toni lay there in the sunny living room, breathless between contractions. Leonardo handed her an ice-cold glass of water, watched her cracked lips clasp the misted glass. Then she tipped the glass back, allowing the water to flow above and around her lips, down her throat and between her swollen breasts. She sighed as the water cooled her. They exchanged a quiet smile and she lay back on the couch, her belly rising large in front of her.

Leo stepped through the French doors and onto a veranda with railings blue as the waves beyond their little beach. His fingers twitched as if a paintbrush or pen held between his fingers had begun to drop. Soon, he thought. But first there was something more important to attend to.

Toni Morrison called to him from inside the house, her normally strong voice diluted with pain. “It’s time to go,” she said. “And I need a pen and paper to write just for a minute.”

Leonardo DaVinci shook the paintbrush sensation from his fingers and ran for his keys. Their first child was soon to be born.


Ok so you got me. Mama Morrison and Daddy DaVinci did not have a secret love child together. But in the imaginary world I sometimes live in, those would be two people I would have chosen as my parents. Let’s forget about the creepy birth scenario, ok?

Toni and Leo are two people who’s DNA I would have loved to share; Toni for her eloquence and strength and expressiveness and enduring work, and Leo for the multi-faceted approach he took to everything he touched, designed and created.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.

—Leonardo da Vinci

When I work on developing my skills and abilities, when I write about my many passions and goals, when I try to create a vision of my future self, I imagine that Toni and Leo are out there somewhere, cheering me on and perhaps sprinkling a touch of their magic in my general direction. The cosmic mix of those two people is someone I aspire to embody at some point in my life.

We are born already and we are going to die. You really have to do something you respect in between.

—Toni Morrison

If you could pick any two people who might have walked the planet some time before today, who would they be? What is it about their lives that makes your heart quicken? Don’t be cheesy and pick your real parents, we’re playing here.

Please share in the comments! This is a really insightful game on what some of your hidden desires and aspirations might be.

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