Life as a Leb-Neh Lover

The Identity Crisis of a Maybe Lebanese


Life as a Leb-neh Lover is a lively adaptation from her 12 years of blogging, we are treated to an action-packed memo of a young half-Lebanese, half-Polish woman away from ‘home’ (wherever that may be!). She shares with her readers a series of light and breezy, funny and often touching episodes from a young adulthood crammed full of triumphs, mishaps, highs and lows. Poignantly illustrated by Maya Fidawi, this is a hilarious but touching tribute to preserving Kat’s attachment to Lebanon.


  • Finalist-Best New Non-Fiction in the International Book Awards 2011
  • Finalist-Multicultural Non-Fiction in the International Book Awards 2011
  • Finalist-Non-Fiction Narrative in the 2011 USA Best Book Awards


13 Things your parents can't tell you about tomorrow

The world has changed, and if you’re young, the lessons and rules your parents followed to build their lives and careers don’t apply to you. So what do you need to know to design a productive and fulfilling in today’s hyper-paced digital age?

In Futureproof: 13 Things Your Parents Can’t Tell You About Tomorrow, Katagyna Shalhoub reveals 13 steps that show you how to gain the 21rst-century-skills and knowledge you absolutely NEED to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive world.

Through practical insights, incisive questions, hard-earned wisdom, and easy-to-apply strategies, Futureproof shows you how to master the nuts and bolts of being relevant in a globally-connected, automated world while building a meaningful life and a secure future!


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