FireStarter Terms and Conditions



The Fine Print, if you will! 

The FireStarter Program is based on coaching practices. Coaching is a professional-client relationship designed to help you in creating or developing personal, professional or business goals, and to help you in coming up with strategies for achieving these goals.

With this in mind, you, the client, should recognize that you are fully in charge and in control of your personal development; you decide which goals to set, you devise strategies for achieving them and you implement these strategies.

My thoughts, experience and suggestions are simply the perspective and accumulated knowledge of a single person and you are under no obligation to follow through with any form of opinion or recommendation offered.



A.1. Commitment 

As your coach I commit to supporting, encouraging, motivating, understanding and connecting to your creative spirit every step of the way. I commit to making clear to you the ways in which I, as a coach, can help you and what my limitations are.

As my client, you commit to letting me know at any time if any part of our discussions, approaches or agreements is unclear to you or makes you uncomfortable in any way. You commit to asking for clarification without hesitation and as needed in order for us to maintain an open, well-balanced coaching relationship.

A.2. Honesty

I commit to maintaining honest, open communication based on mutual respect and human understanding, regardless of culture, religion or political affiliation. In doing so, I will do my best to understand any fundamental differences we may have between us and respect them to the best of my ability.

In return, you, the client, commit to communicating with me openly and honestly to the best of your abilities, without hesitating to let me know if I have overstepped any personal, social, religious or other boundaries that have offended or bothered you in any way. It is NEVER intentional and I need to know this so that I too can learn.

A.3. Confidentiality

I commit to keeping any and all discussions and information we exchange private and confidential so long as no person, animal or thing will come to harm as a result of me doing so. If we meet in public outside the confines of our regularly scheduled sessions I will not divulge the nature of our relationship or any information that I receive from you during our sessions, unless you do so first.

Likewise, any personal or copyrighted information I share with you during our coaching sessions should remain confidential and for personal use only. No material I share with you may be distributed, used or sold to any other parties.



B.1. Professional Conduct

As your coach, I will explain the nature of our coaching sessions and the coaching agreement, including scheduling sessions, payment and confidentiality, and answer any of your questions to your satisfaction.

I will not provide misleading or false information. If at any time I believe that you might benefit from the help of other professionals or resources, I will make that suggestion.

If you feel that I’m not the right coach for you, or decide to terminate our coaching relationship at any point and for any reason, don’t hesitate to do so, subject to the provisions of our Termination Agreement below. You agree to explain the details because my aim is to be the best coach I can be and I’m always happy to learn from my mistakes, if any have been committed.

I commit to referring you to seek the services of other qualified professionals if at any time during our coaching relationship I find that I am either unable to fulfill my commitments to furthering your creative spirit or if I deem it appropriate for any other reason. I’ll be sure to explain it all to you!

B.2. Extra Time

Between sessions and in addition to the two monthly phone calls, email support and weekly check-ins, if you find that you urgently need to speak to me in person via phone, WhatsApp, or Skype, we can discuss the option and mutually agree on the best approach. If it seems best, I may suggest a brief phone call or adding that as an agenda item for our next session.

B.3. Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not therapy and does not provide health care or treat mental disorders in any way. Coaching does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.

B.4. Limited Liability

As your creativity/life coach, I am in no way responsible for your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, or for creating and implementing decisions, choices, or actions that arise from our sessions together. You are the boss of your life. I am here to coach, advise, support and motivate you to create the life you crave.

My entire liability under this agreement will be limited to the amount paid by you, the Client to me, the Coach, under this agreement for all services rendered up until the termination date.



C.1. Calls

Scheduling: We will schedule our live calls on a specific date and time mutually convenient for both of us and within the limits of timezone differences.

All calls scheduled for the month must be completed within that month unless previously agreed upon. Sticking to a regular call schedule is an important part of keeping you on track!
Mode of Contact: The preferred mode of contact will be via Skype, Google Hangouts, Apple Facetime or WhatsApp calls. If we should need to make contact via normal telephone, you the client agree to initiate the call and be responsible for all charges.
Rescheduling: To cancel a scheduled call or meeting, please call or text me at least 12 hours in advance. Please don’t use email for a cancellation as I might miss it. I will do my best to reschedule your session for the same week but if I’m booked, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to fit you in.

C.2. Email

Scheduling: Email check-in dates will be agreed upon mutually. For email support, please allow a full 24hr for a response. Remember I am a person too who has a family and additional obligations to manage.

C.3. Evaluations

Your psychometric profile will be evaluated by a screened and pre-approved third party provider (Emotions and Behaviors at Work). It is a highly-researched and validated, standardized, and normalized assessment. It is not something I have either created of have control of. I am a certified coach who has been accredited in using this tool.
Your Progress Meter evaluations will be based on your pre-defined goals and will take into consideration your perception of your progress as well. These are not scientific tools but rather tools that support you in visioning how far you’ve come.


D.1. Accepted Payments

All payments must be made in advance through the links provided on our official registration page: or via email when it applies, within the specified deadlines and at the corresponding rates.

For payments in installments, you will be billed every two months until the remaining balance is complete.

Payments can be made through Paypal or by credit/debit card. Please keep all email receipts for your records. We do not accept personal cheques or any other forms of payment.

Please budget for this investment!

D.2. Cancellation Policy

A $500 deposit off your total payment is non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances.

A Full Refund of your total (minus the non-refundable $500) will be available should you cancel before our first scheduled call, for any reason, no questions asked.

A Partial Refund of your remaining balance (minus the non-refundable $500) will be issued for cancellations made at any time after our first call is complete.

No refunds – total or partial – will be issued 3 months into the program.

RARE EXCEPTIONS: For any cancellations required due to extreme or special circumstances (e.g. illness, accident or other major life changes out of your control), refunds will be considered on a case by case basis and will exclude the non-refundable $500. Additional proof may be required.

PROGRAM CANCELLATION: In the rare and unlikely case of program cancellation a FULL REFUND (including the $500 deposit) will be issued to the participant.

D.3. Termination

I know life happens and sometimes you may need to cancel more than once but please don’t make a habit of it. If calls are repeatedly cancelled or missed, I must assume you are not fully committed to the coaching relationship and your life vision, and reserve the right to terminate the agreement and provide a partial refund policy in D.2.


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