Well hello there !

Welcome to my digital sock drawer.

I post things about myself here that I find no other home for. Thoughts I have, stories I write, books I give birth to, adventures I’ve taken, memories I’ve made and art I’m moved to create every now and then.

Then there’s the science side of things that I keep here as a memory of a previous life as a nerd (like that PhD I got), and probably to showcase to my kids. See honey, you can be a scientist if you really want to. Just like mommy. For a short short time, then let’s move on to something else, why don’t we?

That up there is me being serious (ish) and professional. Not my normal mode of being but I like to play pretend. A lot.

You’re more likely to find me like this:

Or this:

Or writing books that I don’t want to market but spend years laboring over because I want my kids to read them…

Or working up some sweat and muscle.

Browse around and check things out, send me mail, download my art, get inspired by my adventures, or simply laugh at the incredible collection of junk memories and aha-moments I’ve managed to amass in my 41 years.