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The Power of Distraction

By Kat Shalhoub

We often think of distractions as negative events that need to be rejected or controlled. But what if distractions were actually there for a reason? What if distractions actually helped you expand your awareness of who you are?

Listen to Kat as she takes you on a journey through her distractions, what they mean and how they helped her discover a real sense of purpose. Don’t forget to watch to the end for the three rules on how to ‘Do Distraction Right!”

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How We Raise Liars and What to Do About It

By Kat Shalhoub

No parent wants to consciously and purposefully raise a child who lies, but the truth is our kids lie. They lie often and they lie well. Dr Victoria Talwar, a leading expert on children’s lying behavior, has proven that as parents we only do slightly better than chance (60%) at telling whether our children are actually lying to us. Where do these lies come from, and what are we, as parents and adults around them, doing to promote this behavior?