Why Nonpreneurs Matter

Not everyone wants to take over the world. Not everyone wants to be disruptive, innovative, on the front lines (buzzword buzzword, buzzword). And not everyone gets pleasure out of being a leader. The origin of the word ‘entrepreneur’ is ‘one… Read More »Why Nonpreneurs Matter

What Fuels Creators?

I am pretty much unemployable – in the traditional sense. In fact, most fulfilled writers, creatives and entrepreneurs eventually come to this conclusion either the easy way (never getting hired because they don’t follow rules, instructions, directions or orders and want… Read More »What Fuels Creators?

Why I’m Not Trying To Raise Happy Kids

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“I just want my kids to be happy” is one of the biggest parenting pit-falls we could slip into. Lots of things make kids happy. No rules and late nights watching Disney Junior make them happy, a mountain of skittles dropped into a tub of caramel popcorn makes them happy, setting them lose in a toy shop with sticky fingers and a hammer make them happy … and I’m not about to do any of that shit.

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Happy Mama, Happy Baby

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Do you remember those ads for baby milk, laundry detergent, and toothpaste they had on TV in the 80s, where the mother was always dressed in white and happily smiling with perfect teeth at a chubby blonde baby in perfect… Read More »Happy Mama, Happy Baby

Hope or Optimism

I’ve often been accused of being a pathetic optimist. I graciously accept the label. With one caveat. I’d like to call myself a pathetic hopeful, please. Why? Optimism suggests a certain blind belief that all will be fine and well,… Read More »Hope or Optimism